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Our services include:
  • Site design & development
  • Custom PHP/MySQL database development
  • Web hosting
  • Contact Forms (by email or text message alerts)
  • Mobile web
  • Hosted email
  • Domain name management

Do you need top-flight email capability for your business?
TJ Sites is an authorized Rackspace Email reseller. We can set you up with web-based access on both desktop and mobile devices. This service includes full-powered Email, Contact Management, Shared Calendaring, Tasks Lists, & Notes. Get a free trial — 7 days, full access, no cost! Contact us now to find out how affordable this service really is!

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Ron Smith - Author

Ron Smith is an avid Civil War historian. His books take you through the circumstances and decisions that shaped our nation during a crucial time.

Smith, Burnett, Larson & Butler, LLC

Smith, Burnett, Larson & Butler, LLC - Law firm serving Larned and central Kansas

El Sonido del Mariachi

El Sonido del Mariachi - the only public school-based Mariachi performing group in Kansas!

Schedule a performance by [The Sound of Mariachi] by emailing info[at]

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